We are Open for Business to assist the efforts of laundries that support healthcare workers, first responders & communities.

About Us

60+ Years of Tradition, Durability, Creativity, Great American Engineering & Fabrication!

TQI llc is a third generation family manufacturing company that markets its products under TQ Industries Hotel Carts, TECNI-QUIP Health Care Carts and Clean Cycle Systems Filters for Laundry Dryer and In-line Ducts. TQI was started in the early 1960s as an engineering and fabrication company in the Southern California area by Charles and Jane Clement, two World War II veterans who came back to this country and like many others of their generation, created innovative businesses that changed the way we live today.

Within ten years TECNI-QUIP established itself nationally as the premier supplier of high-quality aluminum hospital linen transport carts. During the mid 1970’s our fiberglass models of carts were developed to further assist in the over-the-road linen transport and with the collection of solid linen or waste within health care facilities.


Hotel Carts:

In 1998, while exhibiting at the IEHA tradeshow we were urged by a hotel corporate Executive Housekeeper to use our health care cart expertise and develop a Room Hotel Cart System for her hotel chain.  We worked hand-in-hand with her crafting trial models to her ideas, until our first models, the HC Series and the S- Series were developed.  This was the beginning of our hotel cart line and we have never looked back.  Since that time, we have worked with many hotel and cruise industry housekeepers and designers developing our fleet of hotel carts and custom models.

Today, TECNI-QUIP fabricates from a variety of materials: Anodized Aluminum, Fiberglass, Wire and Stainless. This is a different approach from most other cart manufactures that produce carts in one material choice.  This flexibility allows us to provide a variety of models for different applications.

A unique feature TQ Industries offers is the ability to manufacture tailor built hotel carts, generally accomplished in aluminum fabrication.  Your customers may order one or additional carts in this manner which can be delivered within our standard 3-5 week period and without additional costs.

For future growth TQ Industries relocated its entire operations to Seguin, Texas (30 miles East of San Antonio) in 1995.  Currently, we employ 31 people.  Our modern 30,000 square foot metal building with 3.5 acres is located in an industrial park located just off of Interstate 10.