You do the cleaning...We'll carry the load.

Roll-A-Long Cart


5 Star “In-Guest-Room” Housekeeping Service, Housekeeping Staff Companion Cart to Service 3 or 4 rooms, Late Check-in, Turn Down and More!

This aluminum model will last for years providing “in-guest-room” housekeeping service! 

Roll-A-Long photos show optional items: 1) Saddle Bag (choice of colors) to place spray bottles or other items in to free up interior space 2) Mop/Broom Clips & Back Pan with Bumper 3) Optional Folding Soiled Collection Bag – perfect way to Wisk-away soiled linen to the collection cart.

Fast Facts:
Lightweight ALL Aluminum Body & Frame – riveted to create super strength & longevity.
Ergonomic Handle Height – Aluminum
Front Panel Cover with Velcro Closures
ADD Bumpers to Protect Walls and Doors
Base + Shelf with 3” plastic “turned – up” edges, to keep supplies in the cart during transport
4 swivel casters – for 360° rotation / Non-marking wheels
Eye Pleasing Décor Color Choices – a TQ Exclusive option
Convenient Size
Custom Sizes & Features Available to meet your needs 100%


Brochure and Options



Standard Color Options

• Mop and Broom Clips with Back Pan to hold items in place
• Saddle Bag – secured to cart and may  be removed for cleaning
• Variety of Options: Please view brochure for complete list of photos

• 18″ W x 24″ L x 40″ OH
• 24″ W x 24″ L x 40″ OH
• Custom Sizes Available

Shipping Weights & Volumes
Standard Pack: 1
Weight: 40 lbs.

Please note: Handle install necessary by customer; hardware provided.


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