You do the cleaning...We'll carry the load.

Collection Carts, Baskets & Hampers/Houseman – Soiled Linen and Waste Removal


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Off the Wall Carts in Action


Poly Hampers & Platform Mobile Cart

Collapsible Hampers

Prevent these Problems at your Property!

S-Series Benefits

Increases Worker Safety & Health – ergonomic
Maximizes Housekeeping Productivity
Hygienically Superior Solution when Handling  Soiled Linens & Waste – Eliminates Multiple  Handling of Guest Waste & Recycling
Prevents COSTLY Wall & Door Scratches

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Shown Above:
 one bag
S-2 two Bag
21” W x 31” L x 45 High
6” Wheels
Variety of Options

Shown Above:
  3 bags w/ logo
S-3 w/ storage tote
21” W x 43″ L x 45 High
6” Wheels
Variety of Options

Shown Above:
 4 bags
S-4 Custom Bag Colors
21” W x 56” L x 45 High
6” Wheels
Variety of Options

Shown Above:
S- Series Bags Custom
and S-4/1-2
Bags can be made in any size/arrangement to your specifications & Choice of Colors

Shown Above:
w/ Custom Shelving & Bags
S-2 Custom Color & Enclosure Panels on 3 sides
Free Design Assistance – Contact Us Today

OFF-THE-WALL BASKET CARTS with Protective Bumpers
Variety  of Models & Sizes
Best in the Marketplace

Pool / Fitness / Spa
Towel Transport & Collection Solutions
Avoid Costly Custom Shelving & Additional Labor
Variety of Cart Models & Covers

Poly Hampers & Platform Mobile Cart
Poly Hampers in Decorator Colors
Equipped with Hinged Lid & Wheels
Single or Double Models
Platform Cart for Multiple Transport

Collapsible Soiled Linen Hamper
Idea for guest soiled linen collection
All Metal Construction
Space Saving Collapsible Construction

S- SERIES Standard Bag Colors and Cart Covers

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